About Galvastore

Health taken care of with Galvastore


Galvastore aims to make a contribution to the vitality and well-being of the population, with a particular focus on health.

We have observed that people are increasingly prioritising the importance of healthy living. This is something expressed in the growing importance of exercise, healthy food and the demand for natural care products.

Galvastore was founded in 1982 in the Dutch town of Bladel, with the focus on the production of natural talcum and menthol powder. These quality products, under the Mentho10 brand, quickly found their way to consumers. Mentho10 has been used or is currently being used by almost every family in the Netherlands. As a result of the growth taking place in the past few years, Galvastore moved to Eindhoven at the start of 2015. By quickly responding to the increasing demand for natural care products with a positive price/value ratio, we will continue to grow!

Brands, Private Label and Distribution

Our key activities include the development, distribution, marketing and sales of cosmetic care and healthcare products. Our products are available without prescription (Over The Counter) at chemists and pharmacies. Our highly motivated team primarily works for our own brands, such as Mentho10 and Zerochol. With the introduction of new products, we will be able to further strengthen our position in wholesale and retail.

These three brands can also be found in many web shops, meaning that consumers can also place their orders online. In addition, our brands are increasingly reaching international markets, such as the Netherlands Antilles, Central America and the Dominican Republic.

Based on the principle of exclusivity, Galvastore also makes products under Private Label for third parties. Product development is further-reaching than the physical product alone, and also includes styling, packaging and concept screening.
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