Distribution & Marketing

Logistics and Sales



Galvastore supplies products to all chemists, pharmacies, health stores and web shops in the Netherlands. This is the result of many years of investment in positive relationships with wholesale and retail organisations. We send products to our business relations each week from our own distribution centres.
Galvastore communicates with a range of customers using EDI, which supports the logistical process, including the associated paper trail, in an efficient way. To add to all this, we distribute the correct information to various national databases, from which market players can obtain their information.

Marketing & Sales

We deploy selective marketing to support product introductions, profit-boosting (in-store) promotions and/or promotions to increase the distribution rate.
We also develop new products, brands and concepts in cooperation with our team of experienced marketing and product specialists. Our broad knowledge and experience allow us to bring to life projects attuned to consumer needs in a relatively short space of time.
Account management forms the ideal link between Galvastore and its relations in order to keep the process with wholesale and retail organisations at an optimal level.