Product development in the broadest sense of the word


We continuously monitor the care products market. We flag up relevant developments and changes in consumer needs at an early stage and make a contribution to this by attuning the provision of natural care products with the changed needs of the consumers.

Products from our own brands such as Mentho10 and Puraskin have arisen from these needs. In addition, Galvastore is the exclusive distributor of the Zerochol brand, a unique nutritional supplement that naturally lowers cholesterol.

We also support product development for third parties. Changes in the market may lead to new products, changes to product composition or changes in marketing (e.g. packaging and claims).

More than a product
Galvastore has almost 25 years of experience in purchasing the right raw materials to put together a good product. The company also has experience in purchasing and developing varying forms of packaging. We provide the right product texts, advertising and claims on packaging, all in accordance with Dutch and European legislation. Of course we also provide the correct listing of product information (including the associated product specification) and introduction of the data required in product databases, such as the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) and GS1 Datasource.

In-House Production of Care Products

One of Galvastore’s important activities is producing and packaging a range of talcum powder products. We produce and package our own brand Mentho10 and private labels in our own production facility. This is suitable for filling different types of consumer packaging.
The production process complies with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements.
Galvastore takes quality very seriously!
We also take full responsibility for the right composition/formula, packaging and labelling in our orders for third parties. Production orders can be negotiated in various compositions.


We produce and market a broad range of skin care products to cool and relieve skin affected by itching, for daily and occasional use, under our own Mentho10 brand. The range of products ensures that Mentho10 is used by consumers for a variety of reasons. Mentho10 is the solution for itching due to mosquito bites, burning skin, dry irritated skin, foot perspiration, clammy hands and itching in general. Take a look at for more information.


Zerochol is the brand name for a unique nutritional supplement based on natural plant sterols that lowers cholesterol. Plant sterols are 100% natural and occur in fruit and vegetables. A normal diet, however, is not sufficient to ingest the quantity of plant sterols required to lower cholesterol. Taking two tablets of Zerochol a day will cover this requirement.
Take a look at for more information.


Puraskin is another Galvastore skincare brand. It is designed for people with sensitive, easily irritated skin. We are currently working on the introduction of new products with an adapted formulation in new packaging.